Family Values, Nationhood and Unity

The first signs of Maltese nationhood appeared in the early 19th century. Before then we were the island fortress of the Knights of St. John. The flag …


Maltese Islands are Fast Becoming an Urban Jungle

The topic of this article which is the state of Nature in Malta and why Government policy should include provisions for the protection and restoration of the natural environment. We do not really have any pristine natural land left anywhere in the Maltese islands and no ecosystem that we can speak of. The destruction of the environment in our country is all but complete.


Eagles Killed in Malta – The Ongoing Slaughter

A flock of 60 eagles in flight must be a majestic sight; a magnificent bird at the peak of its evolutionary cycle; a species millions of years in the making. Such a spectacle was about to grace our shores. It was not to be as these birds were shot at, maimed and decimated by ignorance.


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