Electrosmog-5G-Health SaveEarth Bulletin 6

Some 400 doctors and 900 health care workers have signed a letter to the government, asking for a moratorium of 5G technology and that the public is informed about health risks with wireless technologies (The Electrosmog Appeal, Belgium). Read more about this (in French)

Stop5GNL foundation bring lawsuit against the Dutch government to stop 5G roll out. Court proceedings held on May 4th. The State’s defence contained little news. They keep repeating that there is no evidence that exposure to radiation is harmful under the exposure guidelines and mention for their favourable studies. What they accuse us of. On the other hand, however, there are thousands of peer-reviewed studies from reputable research institutes that show the opposite and warn of serious damage, such as changes in DNA, cancer and neurological disorders. We have extensively highlighted these in the subpoena and pleadings. It is therefore clear that there is no consensus. And that clearly requires the application of the precautionary principle. Read more about this 

Nigeria senate asks the government to suspend deployment of 5G network in Nigeria. The Senate on Tuesday directed the Federal Government to suspend the planned deployment of the Fifth Generation Network in Nigeria. Read more about this

Switzerland maintains strict limits for radiation from base stations. Decision from goverment April 22, 2020. Read more about this

Effects of 5G wireless communication on human health. A report from European Parliament Research Service. Read more about this

Geneva halts 5G and 4G+ rollout for three years. Le canton de Genève instaure un moratoire de trois ans sur la 4G+ et la 5G. La modification de la loi sur les constructions et les installations diverses prévoit que toute nouvelle installation sera soumise à autorisation pendant cette période. Read more about this (in French).

Life in the grip of electrosmog – It is time India recognised the dangers posed by this pollutant. The world celebrated June 5, 2019 too as World Environment Day. Experts warned against the rising pollution levels in the air, water, land, etc. But one invisible pollutant was sadly forgotten — Electrosmog. In the not so distant future, life on earth will face the deadly adverse effects of electrosmog. Read more about this



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