SaveEarth: 5G-Mobile Phones-Health Bulletin 5

More than 300 Belgian physicians warn of health consequences of deployment of 5G, mobile phone and other wireless technologies in Hippocrates Electrosmog Appeal. Read more about this

Slovenia halts adoption of broadband strategy including 5G due to uninvestigated health risks of 5G, mobile phone and other wireless technologies. Read more about this

Scientific study report that honey bees will absorb several times more power at frequencies intended for use by 5G: “a relatively small shift of 10% of environmental incident power density from frequencies below 3 GHz to higher frequencies will lead to a relative increase in absorbed power of a factor higher than 3.” Read more about this

French Authority, Anses, concludes in preliminary report on health risks from 5G that there are no studies on health- or biological effects available on frequencies between 3-4 GHz used by mobile phones. The very same frequencies that are intended to be used in the 5G roll-out. For frequencies between 24 and 30 GHz, only three studies on effects at 28 GHz and 27 GHz were found. For frequencies between 40 and 60 GHz the report found more studies. Final report is expected in 2021. Read more about this (in French)

Dr Lennart Hardell and prof. em. Rainer Nyberg and the 5G Appeal. In this article, the  the 5G appeal and the letters to the EU Health Commissioner since September, 2017 and the authors’ rebuttals are summarized.  Read more about this

Letter from 23 scientists to president in Switzerland expressing concern that a Swiss report on potential health effects from 5G was led by a person with conflicts of interests and history of misrepresentation of science. Read more about this

Officials in Totnes, UK vote to ban installations of 5G.The push to roll out the latest 5G mobile technology across the country has hit a snag – from angry residents in a quiet corner of Devon. Read more about this.



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