Mother Nature – Nature is Speaking – Julia Roberts

All beings, including humans, are born in nature and from nature. Nature provides for all our needs and fulfils our dreams. Nature provides the life supporting ecosystems that make the Earth habitable, hospitable and friendly for us humans. When we die we go back to nature. This is why we call it Mother Nature.

Mother Nature

“Some call me Nature, others call me mother nature
I’ve been here for over four and a half billion years
Twenty-two thousand five hundred times longer than you
I don’t really need people but people need me
Yes, your future depends on me
When I thrive, you thrive
When I falter, you falter or worse
But I’ve been here for aeons
I have fed species greater than you, and
I have starved species greater than you
My oceans, my soil, my flowing streams, my forests,
They all can take you or leave you
How you chose to live each day whether you regard or
disregard me doesn’t really matter to me
One way or the other your actions will determine your fate not mine
I am nature
I will go on
I am prepared to evolve
Are you?”


Every year we celebrate Mother’s Day. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on relationships and the important role the mother plays in the family.  Very often this is a caring, guiding and nurturing role, becoming over time, a friendship and perhaps companionship. Your mum might be, or might have been, your inspiration, your confidante, perhaps the glue that bonds the family. Mothers are so many wonderful and meaningful things, often making many sacrifices to be so.

In nature it is exactly the same, a lioness will watch over, groom and feed her cubs, and when they are a little older, will teach them to hunt and catch their prey. An elephant will gently teach her little calf to use their tiny trunks, and a giraffe will watch over and encourage her new-born to quickly stand and then run on their long, thin wobbly legs – in all these cases, the mother remains ever vigilant, and will sacrifice all to protect their young. In nature this nurturing and caring often continues for years – well into adulthood.

There are many cases as well in nature where the mother is all of the above, and leads the group, the colony or the tribe: honey bees, killer whales, elephants, spotted hyaenas, lions, meerkats and ants – all are examples of these matriarchal societies where females are the leaders!

Nature itself is indeed wonderful – perhaps that is also why we call it ‘Mother Nature’ – recognising these life-giving qualities.

Source: Conservation International & AlexandrasAfrica

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