RC Rapper & Jordan Shingoose – HOME – never alone

RC Rapper & Jordan Shingoose – HOME – The Earth is our home. The events that kicked off in 2020 have awakened many people to the reality that a relatively small group of individuals are manipulating world events for the purpose of furthering a perverse social and technological agenda. Freedom and resistance movements are mushrooming across the globe, forming communities, to stand up for all that is good and wholesome and to reclaim what it means to be human on this Earth.

RC The Rapper and First Nations Country Music Singer Jordan Shingoose new single


Verse 1 (RC):

Home is where the heart is
The center of our gravity
Home is not a privilege that is granted by her majesty
A home is our right
A place to raise our family
Home is where we go for tranquility and sanctity
Home is where we feel at peace
And we can have some privacy
Where I can voice my thoughts
And nobody tries to silence me
Home is where commotion turns to settling dust
Home is where we raise our kids
To be better than us
And home is more than just a house
Home is where there’s unity
Home is where we gather
Home is our communities
Home is the connection that we share when we trust
Home is not about me
Home is about us
Home is the guiding light within that we feel drawn to
Home is the source of our creation we belong to
Let them try with their lies
Meant to pull us apart
We always find our way home
’Cuz we know it by heart

Chorus (Jordan):

All These Long

And Lonely Roads

They Wind & Bend

They Find Me Friends

They Lead Me Home

And I Know

No Matter Where I Roam

I’m Watched And Loved

From High Above

I’m Not Alone

Verse 2 (RC):

Home is our cities
Our states and our countries
Home us the earth below
The sky above me
Home is the truth we instinctively know
Helping us to find home everywhere that we go
But there’s many false prophets try’na lead us astray
Who wanna tell us what to do
But not hear what we say
They ignore us while they play their game of righteous pretend
Like we don’t notice that their rules ain’t applying to them
While our children have lost their future
Made to cover up their faces
Forced to get injections for attendance at their favorite places
Where does it end
When we take to the streets
The government won’t call a hearing, they just call the police
And to the faceless storm troopers
Where is your humanity
Just following orders is no excuse for your insanity
It’s time to cut the rot out at the source,
Like a cavity
It’s time to go home
And realize that we’re a family

Chorus (Jordan)

Verse 3:

Do you recognize this country?
Is this the way you’d like to live?
Constantly harassed to put a mask upon your
Wife and kids
Cops with riot packs who like to act as if no rights exist
Alive but we’re not really living,
What kind of life is this?
The world is full of risks
But we don’t need protection
’Cuz all of their solutions are much worse than the infection
If we want resolution we need unity, not politics
Why should we trust somebody who’s broken so many promises
But maybe this was meant to be
And had to happen all along
The cycle’s always spinning
And its darkest right before the dawn
It’s funny
To the point of laughing out loud
’Cuz what they said would never happen,
Well it’s happening now
And so many are waking up
Welcome to the front lines
The ones who know behind the clouds will always be the sunshine
You and I see through the lies
No longer alone
And let the compass in our souls
Guide and carry us home

Chorus (Jordan)

Bridge (Jordan):

All These Long

Lonely Roads

Lead Me Home

I’m Watched & Loved

From High Above

I’m Not Alone

Chorus (Jordan)

RC Rapper - Home

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