The Secular Belief Conundrum

It is interesting to note that the word secular has no meaning in and of itself. It is mostly defined as the absence of a religious or spiritual orientation, the lack of a moral code encompassing a transcendental meaning and purpose. Everybody has some sort of overall view of the world as being a good […]


Resolve to seek the highest truth

Resolve to seek the highest truth: Mankind has a predilection for feeling superior. We have weaponised our talents to dominate other species and to plunder the earth. Moreover we have conceptualised this behaviour as being mandated by God and we feel quite self-righteous about it. I sometimes think that certain people have redefined the meaning […]


Christmas: a time for Truth and Goodness

Christmas is important to us as Christ’s message is particularly directed at humanity. Christ did not just intend his message for the humanity of his time, but for the humanity of all time. Jesus is exceptional because of how he came to be, who he was, because of his mission’s purpose, its meaning and, last […]