climate change

Trees, Nature’s Solution to Combat Global Warming

‘The restoration of trees remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation.’ This is the opening line of a report called ‘The Global Tree Restoration Potential’ published in July this year in the Science journal. The study measures the cover of the forest canopy rather than the area of …


2018 Living Planet Report – The End of Civilisation

The recently published World Wildlife Fund 2018 Living Planet Report reveals that we have killed 60% of all wildlife in the last 40 years. I would remind readers that as recently as 200,000 years ago we would have considered our ancestors wildlife by any of today’s definitions.


Global Warming – The Moral Crisis of our Time

The politically correct term for the havoc we are causing to weather conditions is Climate Change, which in fact is mostly global warming. It is the rise in temperature that, for example, is melting the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps. The rise in temperatures is being caused by greenhouse gas emissions that trap the …


Forests are the Conveniently Forgotten Solution

Forests are the forgotten solution to Climate Change. Large forests are capable of sucking up huge amounts of carbon. Forests like those still found in the Amazon, the largest forested region on the planet, act like a sink to remove emissions from the atmosphere. Global Forest Watch monitors …


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