The Fading Roar of Tigers

Roar of the Tiger

“For more than a million years I have roamed the Earth.
Adapting. Evolving. Surviving.
I stalk wild lands you may never see
Taking only what I need
And giving back far more than you know.
I breath life into the forests
And they breathe life back into you.
I know every tree, every rock, every stream in my kingdom
And I watch as they slowly disappear.
I’m one of the first things your children learn to love
And the last thing that you think needs your help.
But my roar is fading.
In your child’s lifetime, I could be gone.
I am no longer the most powerful being in the forest…
YOU are.”

Tiger Population Down from 100,000 to Under 4000 in the Last 100 Years.
Project CAT: Conserving Acres for Tigers in partnership with WWF