Who Am I

I am David Marinelli. I research the origin, meaning, purpose and destination of life. I also have a keen interest in ecology, wilderness as social order, biodiversity, wilding, wild habitat degradation and extinction of species.


We are the expression of a good God and are beholden to a higher moral order.

“…and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8: 31-32).


Think of the rain and the sea that provide the water you drink
Think of the air you breath provided by the oceans and trees
Think of the food you eat that one way or another comes from the soil and its nutrients
Think of the place you live in that is made from rock and ores from Earth’s crust
Think of the ground you are standing on, that is Earth’s crust
Think of all the species we share this Earth with and the common parents we shared with them hundreds of millions of years ago, and without which your biological body would not be standing here today
Think of this oasis of life, Earth in a solar system, afloat in a galaxy with 11 million suns, one is ours, amongst countless galaxies in the universe, our only home, made friendly and hospitable for us by nature

We owe a debt of gratitude and allegiance to the natural world


Succumbing to the tyranny of idols

Succumbing to the tyranny of idols: We are what we eat, drink and do. We are what we think and feel. We are what we believe in. We are all this and more. Describing the collective of what we are in this way gives us a level of understanding. However, in a more fundamental way, […]

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This is the Story of Your Life

This is the story of your life – We sense it when we sit alone, something is not right with life. There is a truth to be known but we cannot put our finger on it. There is a veiled reality beckoning us, just beyond our perception. The histories of the peoples of the world […]

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Life is a Spiritual Journey

Life is a spiritual journey. We are quite accustomed to being alive and are adept at manipulating the physical aspects of life. Our scientific endeavours have produced complex tools and gadgets. This we have managed to achieve by observing the properties and behaviour of physicality in order to discern patterns that we can then exploit. […]

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