Who Am I

I am David Marinelli. I research human ecology, wilderness as non human social order, sustainability, biodiversity and solutions to stop habitat degradation and extinction of non human species.


Think of the rain and the sea that provide the water you drink
Think of the air you breath provided by the oceans and trees
Think of the food you eat that one way or another comes from the soil and its nutrients
Think of the place you live in that is made from rock and ores from Earth’s crust
Think of the ground you are standing on, that is Earth’s crust
Think of all the species we share this Earth with and the common parents we shared with them hundreds of millions of years ago, and without which your biological body would not be standing here today
Think of this oasis of life, Earth in a solar system, afloat in a galaxy with 11 million suns, one is ours, amongst countless galaxies in the universe, our only home, made friendly and hospitable for us by nature

We owe a debt of gratitude and allegiance to the natural world


Nature is Speaking – Reese Witherspoon is Home

I am home I give you comfort, I shelter your family See me for who I am, home sweet home I am your refuge I am the flora that supports you The foundation that keeps you steady The walls that give you shelter The roof that protects you I am your home If you don’t take care of me, I ...

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Love Song to the Earth

"Love Song to the Earth" was recorded in 2015 a few months before world leaders gathered in Paris to draft and sign legislation to fight climate change. It was collaborative effort by ...

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Nature is Speaking – Lee Pace is Mountain

Mountain “I am the Mountain I am nature’s oldest temple My glaciers and streams provide the water you drink My forests, your wood, your clean air From up here, I see how you’ve come to treat this world You used to recharge your body and soul in the calm of my forests You once climbed […]

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