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Mask Mandates are Harmful to Children

Mask Mandates are Harmful to Children: It is reasonable to expect any health related intervention on the public at large to be justified, proportional, undergo a harm-vs-benefit review, be informed and consented to. Where restrictions for health purposes are still considered necessary, they should not be applied equally across entire populations as one size does […]


Greenhouse gases and the dangers of invisibility

The fact that people do not sense greenhouse gases directly begins to explain why policymakers do not act on climate change. We would immediately react if we tasted cyanide, smelt smoke from a fire, saw a shark fin cutting through the waves, felt the ground move under our feet or heard a cry for help. […]


Climate Change and Mass Extinctions are Ecocide

We should be aware that these small percentage temperature increases, reflecting climate changer, will have disproportionately huge consequences. The 1°C, 1.5°C or 2°C increases hide extreme weather conditions; extreme heat, desertification; extremely cold, glacial temperatures; cyclones and forest fires; floods and rising seas; unprecedented drought and famine; migrations of millions of people fleeing unbearable weather conditions and food and water shortages.