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Electromagnetic Fields: Is Exposure Harmful?

The exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from the transmission of electricity, telecommunications, and broadcasting, as well as from domestic and other industrial appliances, such as WiFi routers, tablets, smartphones, laptops and telecom antennas, may be hazardous to health. Constant exposure to EMFs may play a part in health conditions including headaches, migraines, inner agitation, chronic […]


Health Mandates, Children, Parents and Screen Time

In her report called ‘The Impact on Mental Health of Children and Young People During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic’ published in July 2021, Sarah Foster, a UK based play and creative art therapist, noted that children and young people have had an increased exposure to non-ionising radiation as a result of health mandates. Chris […]


Radiofrequency Radiation, here’s the thing

At one end of the radiation spectrum there is the non-ionising radiofrequency, electromagnetic radiation (RF). These longwave and microwave frequencies are used for radio, TV, smartphones, smart meters, base stations, Wi-Fi and other wireless telecommunications. RF radiation lies in the …