web of life

Mandala Principle: Biosphere, Humanity & the Web of Life

Humans have been messing with the mandala of life on Earth. We are tearing away at the entire web of interdependent relationships. The accelerated extinction of species and degradation of Earth’s life support system is glaring evidence of the intricate interdependence of all life on Earth.


Species: How Do They Become Extinct

A species becomes extinct when all the individuals in every existing population on Earth die. When this happens that species is gone forever. We have already exterminated or severely degraded substantially more than half of the populations of all species and their wild habitats. It starts with the arrival of people on the scene.


Plastic Waste: We are the Problem

Worldwide 80% of plastic waste ends up in landfills and the environment. There it multiplies by breaking down into smaller pieces, up to sizes that are measured in microns (1000 microns = 1 mm). All the plastic ever manufactured still exists somewhere on Earth, most of it too small to see. It enters the food chain via packaging, water, agricultural produce and other species we consume, and ends up in us.