Emissions: The Reality of the Carbon Countdown

We can understand better what these emissions and temperature measures and target dates mean by looking at the facts on the ground. At the end of 2019 we passed the 1°C increase threshold. The increase of 1°C in average global temperature is by definition an ‘average’ and hides the reality of extreme weather conditions.


Global Warming – Permafrost Meltdown

The oceans and cryosphere provide people with food and water supply, renewable energy, and benefits for health and well-being, cultural values, tourism, trade, and transport. The health of the ocean and cryosphere is critical to every aspect of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Oceans – Our Life Support System

We have this idea, we humans, that the Earth, all of it, the oceans, the skies, are so vast and so resilient that it doesn’t matter what we do to it. That may have been true 10,000 years ago, and maybe even 1,000 years ago but in the last 100 years the acceleration of destruction and killing by humans has brought the planet to the 6th mass extinction of life on Earth.