The Human Microbiome & the Wilderness Within

We consider natural wilderness to be the wild places in nature and ignore the desolate wilderness that is the urban areas we live in. There is another wilderness hiding in plain sight and that is the wilderness within. Scientists have identified a number of human body systems and more recently, the human microbiome. The skeletal system […]


Mycorrhizal Fungi, How Plants Communicate

Next time you are walking in a forest, woodland or just open countryside on undisturbed fertile ground consider that there is more activity and biodiversity below the ground than what you can see above it. Amongst the vibrant range of lifeforms is a mostly microscopic network of fungi. Fungi are a distinct kingdom from plants. […]


Forest Ecosystems, NOT Technology, is what we need

It is commonplace when talking about sustainability to claim that technological innovation can save the world from our actions. I do not believe that at all. Our over dependence on technology has enslaved us and is destroying forest ecosystems and the Earth’s ability to support that which all species need to survive. Technology takes us further and further away from nature. Nature is our home.