Radiation Health Effects from WiFi & Smartphones

Since the mobile phone boom in the 1990s the exposure of entire populations to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) continues to increase exponentially. EMFs, also called Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), are electrically charged space in and around you. People cannot see or hear EMR. It is hypothesised to travel in waves with peaks and troughs. The distance between […]


Nuremberg Code: 75th Anniversary

Nuremberg Code: Following the end of World War II, international court proceedings were initiated in the city of Nuremberg, in Bavaria, Germany on the 20th November 1945 against German Nazi officials charged with committing crimes against humanity. Prime amongst these crimes was the genocidal attack on European Jews, also known as the holocaust. Seventy five […]


Toxic Plastic: Stop Plastic at your Country’s Border

We are fascinated by plastic, its look and usefulness, and have totally ignored the damage it causes to our health and in the environment. Plastic is a poison. Toxic plastic waste cannot ever be effectively managed. The extent of its contamination of our life supporting Earth is catastrophic and this has finally reached global public awareness.