Nature is Speaking

Home – Nature is Speaking – Reese Witherspoon

I am home, I give you comfort, I shelter your family, See me for who I am, home sweet home, I am your refuge
I am the flora that supports you, The foundation that keeps you steady, The walls that give you shelter, The roof that protects you, I am your home, If you don’t take care of me, I …


Forest: Nature is Speaking, Shailene Woodley is Forest

One third of the Earth’s surface is covered by forest. Forests are symbolized by the colour green. There are many reasons why forests are an important feature for the environment and in our daily lives. They are fundamental life forms and provide for the continuity of the world’s biodiversity.


Mother Nature – Nature is Speaking – Julia Roberts

All beings, including humans, are born in nature and from nature. Nature provides for all our needs and fulfils our dreams. Nature provides the life supporting ecosystems that make the Earth habitable, hospitable and friendly for us humans. When we die we go back to nature. This is why we call it Mother Nature.