Older adults, fear, freedoms and germs

In early 2020 when the WHO declared a virus pandemic governments around the world, introduced a number of restrictive measures that included reducing social mixing in the community, not having friends and family visiting the house, and minimising the use of public transport. Individuals with certain high-risk conditions and older adultsĀ  were advised to not […]


Coronavirus: yet another warning from nature

It is said that this coronavirus originated from the wet markets in Wuhan, China. Wet markets sell meats and fish and fresh produce as opposed to dry markets that would sell household goods and supplies. In China wet markets also cut up wildlife and this is sold for food and for dubious medicinal purposes.


Plastic Pandemic is now a Global Crisis

We are forced to deal with plastic pandemic with urgency as it has now reached global proportions. It is estimated that there was the equivalent of 200 million garbage-truck-loads of plastic in the oceans and landfills at end 2015 and that this will become the equivalent of 500 million garbage-truck-loads by 2050.