Sumatran Rhino – Critically Endangered – 55 left

The Sumatran Rhino, also known as the hairy rhino, is the oldest species of rhino existing today. It evolved more than twenty million years ago. The Sumatran Rhino is the last existing species of an otherwise extinct family of rhinoceros, that included the woolly rhino hunted to extinction by humans 10,000 years ago.


Megafauna Extinctions and the Human Insanity Gene

Megafauna are big animals. Elephants and rhinoceros are megafauna, as are giraffes, whales, cows, deer, tigers, and even humans. The mass extinction of megafauna took place in bursts and started forty thousand years ago in Australia. The second burst was about fifteen thousand years ago in North and South America.


Northern White Rhinoceros – Functionally Extinct 2018

It is estimated that 8,000 rhinoceros have been killed by humans in the last 10 years alone. There are 21,000 rhinoceros left in the world today. The evolutionary history of rhinoceros goes back 50 million years. The Northern White Rhinoceros is a subspecies of the White Rhinoceros that is said to be descended from Ceratotherium praecox that lived around seven million years ago.