Question everything & challenge the web of deceit

In the early 1990s diesel fuel was promoted as the environmentally-friendly choice for passenger cars as diesel engines use less fuel, and therefore in theory less toxic emissions, to get the same performance of a petrol engine. Diesel however contains more pollutants than petrol. At the time policymakers justified their acquiescence, and industry its actions, by claiming a reduction of carbon dioxide toxic emissions. The impact of the other diesel toxic emissions such as particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, nitrogen dioxide, nitrous oxide and nitric oxide, were ignored. The 2015 scandal exposed diesel car manufacturers who had been installing software, called ‘defeat devices’, in millions of diesel-powered cars to blindside regulators. It was revealed that the ‘cleaner’ diesel was in fact producing 20 to 40 times more toxic emissions than it was meant to.

Toxic emissions

The petrochemical industry sold the public the idea that the majority of plastic could be, and would be, recycled even though it knew that to be untrue. It was recently revealed that the industry’s and policymakers’ claims that plastic garbage is valuable because it can be cleaned, separated and recycled were lies. Plastic waste is not valuable and it never has been and the industry has known this since the early 1970s. Of all plastic produced worldwide less than 10 percent has ever been recycled. Recycling plastic is costly and separating waste is not feasible. Most plastic cannot be recycled at all and only some can be down-cycled once or at most twice. After this is remains, what it in fact always was, polluting trash.

In recent years the fact that millions of people are dying prematurely worldwide from pollution has hit public awareness. The ultimate cause of what Is being diagnosed as cancer, heart failure or other terminal illness, is in some cases in fact pollution. Most, if not all, public health services and the medical profession worldwide are strangely silent on this situation. Documents have emerged that the industry was aware that burning of fossil fuels would lead to unhealthy emissions and global warming. So far 1500 climate related lawsuits have been brought before the courts around the world holding the industry to account.

Industry leaders and the political class are obsessed with economic growth model based on the overexploitation of the natural world. We are now in the middle of the 6th mass extinction of life on Earth that may well lead to the extinction of the entire human species and we still persist with this destructive economic policy. No industry representatives or policymakers have ever warned the public of the dire consequences of such reckless behaviour.

Toxic emissions

The ingredients of all medicines have been taken from nature. Pharmaceutical companies regularly investigate indigenous peoples and wild habitats in order to develop new drugs that can be commercialised. The profit motive means that inexpensive or even free natural remedies are side-lined. In order to perpetuate growth and increase its profits, the industry pushes pharma-based solutions. It appears to regard our natural immune system as competition. Their actions betray an agenda that aims to make humanity pharma-dependent rather than promoting a healthy environment that would allow our immune system, that has evolved over hundreds of millions of years and survived five mass extinctions, to function optimally.

The digital industry uses non-ionising radiation to move invisible programmed electric currents in the space all around us. This is the technology of wireless communication known as WiFi or Radio Frequency or 4G or 5G. We are now all living in an environment with non-ionising electromagnetic radiation exposure that is tens of thousands to a million times greater than that normally occurring in nature. Our body’s transmission of information from cell to cell, without which we would quickly die, relies on electrical currents. Our bodies and biological processes have not evolved within such a high radiation environment. We are told that all this electricity in the space around us does not impact the electricity flows in our bodies. The international standards that guide the ICT industry only recognise the possible thermal effects (burning) on humans of this radiation. Studies and petitions by thousands of scientists and doctors warning that more long-term research is needed before rolling out this technology across the globe, are regularly ignored, denied or vilified.

toxic emissions

The historic colonisation of the planet by today’s developed countries and the industrial revolution facilitated the globalisation of trade. The scale of international trade fuelled the exploitation of the ecosystems and indigenous peoples, caused air, land and marine pollution, decimated biodiversity and destroyed natural habitats that create our food, clean air and fresh water. The exploitation of natural resources spiralled into overexploitation, climaxing into a planetary mass extinction event that will, failing urgent actions, result in the uncontrollable die-off of species.

Later this year the UN will host all world governments at COP15 to discuss biodiversity losses and COP26 to discuss climate change. These initiatives started in the mid-1990s. In the last 25 years world governments met 39 times to discuss biodiversity losses and climate change. In all this time, and for all the rhetoric, the situation, year on year, continued to deteriorate without restraint.

To make matters worse religions appear powerless in the face of the belief system called technological innovation.

Our faith in the political class and amoral technology has been misplaced and our trust betrayed. All we ever get is incompetence, indifference, denial, half-truths, falsehoods and spin. Nothing is what it seems. We need question everything and challenge the web of deceit.

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This article was published in The Times of Malta on the 24th July 2021