War with Nature – Man Vs Earth – Prince Ea

“We’re at war with nature. If we win, we’re lost.” – Hubert Reeves, Astrophysicist

“We have no right to destroy any other life form. We have the capability to destroy other forms of life, therefore we have the responsibility to see that they are not destroyed.” – Lee M Talbot of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), 1980

War with Nature – Man Vs Earth – Prince Ea

“Fun fact: planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old.
Mankind? About 140,000 years old.
Let me put that in perspective:
If you condense the Earth’s lifespan into 24 hours,
that’s one full day,
then we have been here on this planet for…
…drumroll please…
three seconds.
Three seconds, and look what we’ve done.
We have modestly named ourselves “homo sapiens”
meaning “wise man”, but is man really so wise?
Smart, yes, and it’s good to be smart,
but not too smart for your own good.
Yes, we have split the atom.
Yes, we build clever machines that
navigate the universe in search of new homes.
But at the same time,
those atoms we split created nuclear warfare.
In our quest to explore the galaxy,
rejects and neglects the home that we have here now.

So no, that can not be wisdom.
Wisdom is different.
While intelligence speaks, wisdom listens.
And we willingly covered our ears
to mother natures screams…
and closed our eyes to all her “Help Wanted” signs.
Wisdom knows that every action
has an equal and opposite reaction.
So if we were wise, we would not be shocked
when we see storms stronger than ever before.
Or more drought, hurricanes, wildfire than ever before.
Because there’s more pollution than ever before.
More carbon, more trees cut down than ever before
at a record pace.
We have increased the extinction of animals
by 1000 times the normal rate.
What a feat.
In the next 10 to 100 years,
every beloved animal character
in every children’s book
is predicted to go extinct.
Lions? Gone.
Rhinos? Gone.
Tiger? Gorilla? Elephant? Polar bear?
Gone. In three seconds.

Species that have been here longer than us
will be gone because of us in this three seconds.
In an existence shorter than a Vine video,
we turned the circle of life
into our own personal conveyor belt.
Somebody, anybody, help!
We were given so much.
The only planet in the solar system with life.
I mean, we are one in a million.
No, actually, scientifically,
we are one in a billion trillion trillion.
That’s a one followed by 33 zeros.
And I don’t wanna get too spiritual,
but how are we not a miracle?
We are perfectly positioned to the sun so we don’t burn,
but not too distant so we don’t turn to ice.
Goldilocks said it best: we are just right.
This paradise.
Where we are given medicine from trees,
not coincidentally.
But because like the song says:
We are family. Literally.

Everything. Every species is connected genetically,
from the sunflower to the sunfish.
This is what we must recognise before it’s too late.
Because the real crisis is not global warming,
environmental destruction, or animal agriculture.
It is us.
These problems are symptoms of us.
Byproducts of us.
Our inner reflection,
loss of connection has created this misdirection.
We have forgot that everything contributes
to the perfection of Mother Nature.
Corporations keep us unaware and disconnected,
but they have underestimated our strength.
Contrary to popular belief,
millions are waking up out of their sleep.
Seeing our home being taken
right up from under our feet.
We can not allow our history to be
written by the wicked, greedy, and loony.
It is our duty to protect Mother Nature
from those who refuse to see her beauty.

Call me crazy,
but I believe we should have the right
to eat food that’s safe.
With ingredients we can pronounce.
Drink water that is clean.
Marvel at trees. Breathe air free of toxins.
These are natural rights.
Not things that can be bargained for in Congress.
See they want you to feel powerless.
But it has been said that something
as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing
can cause a typhoon halfway around the world.
Well, when enough people come together,
we too will make waves.
And wash the world into a new era
filled with love and connection.
Freedom for all without oppression.
But it is up to you.
Yes, you watching this behind this screen
to make the effort.
Because time is of the essence.
And only together can we make it

to the fourth second.”

At War with Nature

April 2019: Former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams made the chilling warning on the eve mass demonstrations by the Extinction Rebellion group in London, saying that humans are “at war with nature”

He said the world is in a crisis “We are at war with ourselves when we are at war with our neighbour, whether that neighbour is human or non-human. We are here tonight to declare that we do not wish to be at war. We wish to make peace with ourselves by making peace with our neighbour, the earth and with our God. We confess that we have polluted our own atmosphere, causing global warming and climate change that have increased poverty in many parts of our planet. We have contributed to crises and been more concerned with getting gold than keeping our planet green. We have loved progress more than the planet. We are sorry.”